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1) Do you have cell service?

Cell service is very limited in the river valley where we are located. We generally tell people not to expect cell service out here. Some people are able to get one bar, but again, we wouldn’t plan on having it. The vast majority of our guests are happy to disconnect from their phones, most of them are even looking forward to it.  If being connected is a need for you, we do have free wifi available throughout the property and most phones are capable of wifi calling.  Remember, this is only while on the property, while on the rivers you will mostly be disconnected.

2) Do you have wifi?

We now offer free wifi throughout our property.  If your cell phone has wifi-calling, you will be able to use your phone for calls and texts even though there is no cellular service.  All cabins and campsites are able to access our wifi network.  Remember that you won't be connected while out on the rivers.

3) Can we check in early or check out late?

Short answer: Maybe, but there is a fee.

Long answer: We strongly desire to see all of our guests have a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable time at the White Buffalo Resort. Each and every day we put together a plan of action to ensure we are setting both ourselves and our guests up for success. These plans are, in large part, based around the arrival and departure times on our property. The truth is, when people stay late or show up early, it often makes it very difficult or impossible to complete the tasks we need to complete. Not always, but often. Aside from the complication of our daily plan, the reality is that people coming in early or staying late increases the costs associated with their stay.

As such, we ask our guests to please respect our business’ schedule and needs by adhering to our check-in and check-out times. People don’t show up four hours early at an airport and expect to board their airplane at that exact moment, even if the plane is sitting right there at the gate ready to go. Those people who do want to board early generally have to pay an extra fee to do so, and yet they still have to wait till the airline says they can go on board. In the same way, we believe it is only fair to our business and our other guests to have any guest who checks-in early or stays late pay a small fee. In addition, we believe it is only fair to allow early check-ins and late check-outs only if it does not infringe upon the White Buffalo Resort schedule and needs. Please check out our policy page for a detailed description of our check-in and check-out policy.

4) What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations are hard on a business like ours. We are not a major chain hotel on a major highway, we are a remote resort run by a hard-working American family. Once we take your reservation, that cabin/campsite is off the table for everyone else. We don’t have 100 Angler cabins or 100 Trophy lodges, all of our accommodations are unique. Unlike big commercial hotels, resorts can’t just keep reserving person after person for the same exact room type and floorplan. Once you have a cabin reserved, it’s yours and we turn all others away who call for that specific cabin. Yes, sometimes we are able to steer them towards another cabin or campsite that could work for them. However, there are many times when we can’t or we are fully booked so that potential guest moves on in their search for accommodations.

When we have a cancellation, we make every effort to try and re-book the accommodations. Unfortunately, people we previously turned away have generally already found another option. Should you need to cancel your reservation, please notify us as soon as possible. We will do our best to help make it as pain free as we can. However, recognize we do have a firm cancellation policy (listed below) in place and, despite our best efforts, we may have to charge you the full amount due. We feel that our cancellation policy is more than fair to our customers and consistent with what you will find at most resorts in our area. Please know that we do not enjoy charging people for short-notice cancellations or no-shows. However, it's something we must do to ensure the continued operation of our business.

Please take special notice, there are NO refunds for holiday reservations, guided fishing trips, early departures, or inclement weather. We don’t like it any more than you if it rains or turns cold for your entire stay, but unfortunately we don’t control the weather. We want both you and all the rest of our customers to have confidence they are being treated fairly. As such, we do uphold the cancellation policy and hope that you will find solace in the fact that you will always be treated with the same respect and care as everyone else.

Our full cancellation policy:

Cancellations: Must be made 14 days (or more) prior to the scheduled check-in date for a full deposit refund, minus a $25.00 handling fee. Cancellations less than 14 days, but more than 7 days prior to the scheduled check-in date, will only have the deposit refunded if the accommodations can be re-booked, minus a $50 cancellation fee. All no-shows and cancellations seven days or less prior to the scheduled check in date will not only lose their deposit, but will automatically be charged for the full amount due on the bill. No refunds or discounts for early departures, inclement weather, or river conditions. No refunds on holidays or guide trips.

5) What is considered the fall-spring or summer months?

Spring is considered March till Just before Memorial Weekend (May 20th roughly).  Our Summer schedule is typically a couple days before Memorial Weekend till just after Labor Day Weekend. Fall is from just after Labor Day Weekend till the end of November.  Winter is December till the end of February.

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